Services – Tree Services

a1-10One of our specialties at A-1 Landscaping & Tree Service is to provide our clients with top quality tree services, including tree planting, tree removal and tree pruning. These services are essential to the health and longevity of the tree. Our team can come out to your residential, commercial or municipal property and provide you with a FREE consultation and an estimate for our services. We will work with you to find the best solutions for your trees, including inspections for disease, insect damage and other problems. Our many years of working with trees in the South Coast Massachusetts area help us to provide top quality tree services to all of our clients.


It is important to work with an experienced service that can help you to choose the best trees for your property that will meet your needs. Planting the wrong type of tree in the wrong location can lead to damage or other issues down the line. Potential problems, such as too much sunlight or not enough, insect infestation issues, limited growing space and issues with non-native species in South Coast Massachusetts, can all be avoided when you hire a professional to provide a consultation for tree planting services.


As a last resort, trees can be removed if they pose a risk or hazard to people or property. Trees that are dead, dying or damaged may need to be removed if the problems cannot be fixed through pruning. Other situations that may require removal include clearing for new construction or crowding, which can damage other trees. Emergency tree removal services and care are also available following storms and other incidents.


This service can help to improve the overall health of your tree by eliminating any branches that are rubbing together or that pose a safety risk to your property. It is important to remove any limbs that are weak, dead or diseased to prevent any further problems. Regular tree pruning can help to prevent storm damage, train young trees and thin out any branches that may hinder the growth of the tree. It also helps to create a professionally manicured look and feel to any property.

To learn more about all of the tree services that we provide at A-1 Landscaping & Tree Service, give us a call at (774) 930-4043. Whether you want to improve the overall health, appearance and safety of existing trees on your property, or if you are interested in tree removal or planting services, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Take advantage of our year-round landscaping services, which can be used to provide you with the help you need for your trees, depending on the season. Call today and find out why so many clients in South Coast Massachusetts trust our professional services.