Salting & Snow Removal in Dartmouth for Commercial Properties

Salting and Snow RemovalThere has been a lot of debate in recent years about the value of salting and whether it is something that municipalities and commercial property owners should be using. Concerns about the environment and potential damage to vehicles have made some search for alternative methods. Unfortunately, many of the methods that have been tried have either been unsuccessful, not as successful as traditional salting and snow removal, or have actually resulted in further damage.

Protecting motorists and pedestrians is the number one priority when it comes to salting services in Massachusetts. When it comes to Dartmouth snow safety, human life must always be number one. With storms getting ready to hit our nation at this time of year and more people out on the roads for seasonal travel, it is important for property owners and city managers to make sure that they have a good salting and snow removal plan of action ready to go as soon as it is needed.

Outsourcing Professional Services
One way that commercial property owners stay on top of snow plowing in Dartmouth is to hire a professional team to take care of snow removal and salting services in Massachusetts. This crew works seven days a week, 24 hours a day and can even be available on holidays and other busy times of the year. This can be vital to the success of commercial properties, especially shopping centers, restaurants and mini malls, which depend largely on winter customers to finish off the season on a high note.

Top quality salting and snow removal services can help you to keep your parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, pathways and steps clear of snow and ice to prevent costly slip-and-fall accidents, while keeping the flow of consumers into your property. Discuss your needs ahead of time before the first snowfall hits the local area. Dartmouth snow safety services can include plowing, hauling, salting, hand shoveling and other services that will help keep everything free and clear of snow and ice during the busiest time of the year.

Study Proves Salting Benefits
If you are still on the fence about hiring salting services in Massachusetts, a new study that was released by the American Highway Users Alliance revealed that the potential impacts of using salt on roadways, in parking lots and other highly traveled areas, far outweighed the financial costs and environmental risks. The study was conducted over a period of seven years during just under 60 major snow events in North America.

Some of the information revealed in the study included:

  • for every 10 percent improvement made in surface friction there is an approximate 20 percent reduction in snow and ice related crashes
  • road surface condition made the biggest impact on crashes, even more than visibility, air temperature, wind speed, exposure and the intensity of the precipitation
  • within 25 minutes of application, deicing salting and snow removal services pay for themselves in accident and liability prevention
  • when applied to a four-lane road, salting services provided a 93 percent reduction in accidents

In addition to keeping customers safe, there are other benefits to hiring a professional team to provide your commercial property with snow plowing and salting services in Massachusetts. One impact report revealed that snow-related road closures far exceed the cost of salting and snow removal, costing a state between $300-700 million in direct and indirect costs. It also affects hourly workers’ incomes for store and office closures, as well as makes a huge impact on commercial stores, offices, industrial factories and other areas businesses.

Trust A1 Landscaping for Salting and Snow Removal
If you are looking to hire a company that can provide your commercial property with Dartmouth snow safety, look no further than A1 Landscaping. We provide a wide range of salting and snow removal services, including hand shoveling and snow plowing in Dartmouth. We also provide top quality salting services in Massachusetts to keep parking lots, sidewalks, walkways and roadways clear. Give our office a call at 774-930-4043 to get a FREE estimate on any of our services or to learn more about all of the professional services we provide for commercial and residential clients at A1 Landscaping.

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