Increase Patio Size: Creating Dartmouth Outdoor Living Space

Increase Patio Space DartmouthCreating a beautiful outdoor living space is not just a trend. Today it is becoming an important fixture in home construction. Homeowners of older homes can still enjoy this popular trend by employing services for hardscaping construction in Massachusetts to expand existing patios, pavers and retaining walls to create a beautiful Dartmouth outdoor living space. Not only will this provide you with more space to enjoy with your family and friends, but residential landscape construction can add value to your home. One day, when you are ready to sell and move on, it will increase the sale price of your home and even help to sell your home faster than other homes in the neighborhood who do not have outdoor living areas.

How Much Patio Space?
Chances are good that you have a basic construction patio. Most homes have a simple 10×10 or 12×12 concrete patio attached to the back door or back slider door of their home. Depending on when your home was built, you might have something even smaller, but whatever currently exists, the team you hire to provide hardscaping construction in Massachusetts can help you find some great options to expand your current space. Adding pavers around the original concrete patio or even putting brick or pavers over top of the current patio and expanding the whole thing out is one way to go. Another would be to remove the existing concrete – especially if there are cracks and structural issues – and just create an entirely new space. Of course, the plan will depend on how much space you have, how much space you need, the materials you want to use and, of course, your budget.

Different Types of Patios
The size and type of patios, pavers and retaining walls that you will need to complete your Dartmouth outdoor living space will depend on what you want to do with the finished space. Residential landscape construction covers a wide variety of services, so make sure to discuss all of your options with the representative of A1 Landscaping who comes out to view your property. The initial visit is considered a consultation, and will be used to look at your property, discuss your needs, and provide you with an accurate estimate for the work to be done. Make sure to consider the materials that will be used, the maintenance required to keep it up, and any extra elements that you will want to include to make the project complete.

Before you decide on your patio layout, it is important to visualize the way that you will be using it. If you plan on throwing parties and do a lot of entertaining, you will likely want a larger outdoor living space. However, if you are just going to be enjoying breakfasts out on the patio with the family or maybe a small weekend barbecue, you might just need a cozy space nestled in the garden area somewhere. Today’s outdoor living spaces can be entire living rooms full of furniture with flat panel televisions, fireplaces and overhead lighting. It can be a big, beautiful built-in kitchen, complete with sinks, counterspace, refrigerators, grills and pizza ovens. Once you decide what you want – and how you want to use it – your Dartmouth outdoor living space expert can help you make a plan.

  • The Bistro Patio – Great for small spaces, side yards and casual use. Typical size is approximately six to eight feet in diameter and features stamp pattern or paver pattern options. Great for a breakfast table or nook, single table and chair for reading, and other small-scale activities.
  • The Living Room – Standard size is approximately 18×20 feet or more, depending on the space available. Requires room to place a standard size couch, coffee table, end tables, lighting and other common sizes seen in indoor furniture settings. Generally includes a fire pit or fireplace to create a focal point and interactive feature, as well as to provide warmth to extend the season. A combination of patios, pavers and retaining walls are used to create a separated outdoor living room area via residential landscape construction.
  • The Dining Room – Once again, think about the size of the furniture that you will need to accommodate the number of guests you anticipate on a regular basis. A typical 48-inch round table will comfortably seat between six to eight guests. Larger tables may be needed for larger families or groups. As a rule of thumb, the outdoor dining room should have approximately 12-14 feet in diameter per 48-inch round table for entertaining. So if you are hosting large groups on a regular basis or will have a long or odd-shaped table, other patio sizes must be considered for hardscaping construction in Massachusetts. Even more space will be needed if you want an adjoining outdoor kitchen.
  • The Lounge – Some people only want Dartmouth outdoor living space that is designed to give them room for lounging or sunbathing. Think about the chairs that you will want to place in the space, as well as any side tables, along with approximately three feet of walking space at the foot of the lounge chairs, and you will have the required dimensions for your outdoor lounge space. This space can be placed in a garden, alongside the house, next to a pool, near a hot tub or any place that you desire.

Contact A1 Landscaping for Dartmouth Outdoor Living Space
If you are interested in making plans for residential landscape construction to include patios, pavers and retaining walls, look no further than A1 Landscaping. Our team has many years of experience working with hardscaping construction in Massachusetts. We have the equipment, the tools and the team to be able to create just about any type of outdoor living space you could possibly desire. Give us a call at 774-930-4043 to get a FREE estimate on your Dartmouth outdoor living space project or to learn more about our quality services.

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