Hardscaping in Dartmouth: Post-Winter Maintenance Services

Maintain Hardscaping After Winter DamageTaking care of your outdoor living space and other hardscaping areas doesn’t require a lot of work, but the maintenance that is required should be taken care of to protect your investment. The more you can do to prepare your Dartmouth hardscaping design for cold winter weather, the easier it will be to start using it again in the spring when the weather starts to warm.

You can also hire your hardscaping company in Massachusetts to take care of many of these repairs and preparations for you, if you don’t have the time or feel confident enough in your skills to take care of them for yourself. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you do something to care for hardscaping after winter, and that you don’t neglect the basic care that is required.

Tip #1 – Seal Concrete & Fix Cracks
Any kind of cracks in your outdoor living space or other type of hardscaping will only get worse if you don’t do something about it before the first freeze. Cracks in pavers, concrete and stone is more likely to split once a bit of moisture gets in because the water expands when it freezes. If you can fill or seal any cracks that you see before winter comes, you can avoid the freeze, expand and crack cycle all together. One way to maintain Dartmouth hardscaping design during the winter is to inspect your hardscaping once you get it cleared of snow and ice and check for cracks. Fill any cracks with sandlock. This will prevent ice, snow and moisture from getting inside so you can more easily maintain hardscape after winter before you do any pressure washing services.

Tip #2 – Make Sure Pavers Are Level
Inspect or ask your hardscaping company in Massachusetts to check your pavers to make sure that everything is level before winter hits. You want everything to be solid and in place so they won’t move around when the snow and ice comes. Pavers should be flat and properly settled. This will also prevent cracking and other types of damage from shoveling and snow removal. If you don’t adjust your pavers before winter comes, the expansion of the ground and the pressure from freezing between the pavers will adjust them in awkward ways. You might even have to completely re-do your outdoor living space surface again in the spring before any pressure washing services, if you don’t take care of this maintenance in the fall.

Tip #3 – Divert Water from Your Hardscaping
One of the biggest problems for Dartmouth hardscaping design is water. Even if you are able to seal your concrete and pavers for the season, run-off water can quickly become a big problem. Check to see that your gutters are clean and that you don’t have any debris that might be clogging them up and preventing water from flowing as it should. Make sure that all water flow is diverted away from your hard surfaces, including wood decking and hardscaping features. Water can enlarge existing cracks, cause new cracks to develop, rot wood and can even cause an ice dam on your roof if you don’t keep gutters clear.

Tip #4 – Protect Wood Decking
If you have wood decking, fencing or other wooden elements as part of your Dartmouth hardscaping design, you need to make sure that you do any repairs or treatments before the rainy fall weather and cold winter weather hits the area. Loose boards, cracked or peeling boards – they should all be treated now so they will stand up better to the harsh winter weather. Even if you need to replace them again in the spring, at least you won’t have boards falling off your deck in the dead of winter, which is not when you want to be out in the cold working with wood and nails. For truly wood decks, make sure to also apply a coat of wood finish to the boards, after pressure washing services, for extra protection throughout the winter.

Tip #5 – Keep Hardscaping Shoveled
If you have driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios and other hard surface areas on your property, make sure to keep them shoveled. This isn’t just a safety measure, which should be good enough reason on its own, but keeping the snow cleared from your Dartmouth hardscaping design will help you to better maintain hardscape after winter. The longer that the snow stays on these surfaces of outdoor living space and functional hardscaping, the more chance that water has to melt and get into the materials to cause cracks. Even if the temperature isn’t yet at the freeze and thaw cycle point, there will be some melting of the snow during the day even if it is “sticking” for the most part to your lawn. Hire your hardscaping company in Massachusetts to perform snow removal services or be prepared to stay on top of it with hand shovels, snow blowers and other tools throughout the entire season.

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