Dartmouth, Massachusetts: Tips for Hardscaping / Landscape Construction

Hardscaping constructionIf you are trying to think of new ways that you can enjoy your Massachusetts outdoor living space, you might want to try a form of residential landscape construction known as hardscaping. Simply put, hardscaping is the addition of non-living or non-landscape items to your property. Some examples of hardscaping are simple, such as brick pavers used to create a space to store trash cans on the side of the house or natural stepping stones used in the garden to create a path for watering and pruning. Other examples of hardscaping construction in South Coast Massachusetts are even larger, such as designing and installing a new patio, outdoor dining space or even retaining wall construction.

Why Choose Hardscaping?
Homeowners and commercial property owners use residential landscape construction to add new and useful elements that add value. The value that is added depends on the type of project and how it is used. For example, building a new outdoor dining area that is attached to or near your existing outdoor cooking area will add value for you and your family, providing you for a nice place to entertain guests or enjoy a summertime family meal. It also adds value to your home as a real estate investment, making it more appealing to prospective buyers and adding value to the pricing as well.

The materials that are used in hardscaping most often include natural stone, wood, concrete and brick. These materials are not cheap and many of these projects are not truly DIY (do-it-yourself) type projects that can be done in an afternoon or a weekend. In fact, depending on where you live, you might need to get a building permit for retaining wall construction, patio expansion or other common types of hardscaping construction in South Coast Massachusetts. It pays to work with a professional who can help you to design the best possible type of Massachusetts outdoor living space to increase the value of your home and help you get the biggest return on your investment.

Examples of Hardscaping Projects
In addition to the examples that we have already provided, such as walkways, patios and retaining wall construction, there are other types of residential landscape construction that you can consider adding to your backyard, side yard or even front yard, to improve the value of your home. Here are some more examples of hardscaping construction in South Coast Massachusetts:

  • wood decking
  • outdoor cooking areas
  • outdoor living room space
  • covered or enclosed patios
  • gazebos, arbors, trellises and pergolas
  • fire pits, fireplaces and barbecue areas
  • garden pathways
  • built-in sports areas

Unlike landscaping, which requires continued care of grass, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, when you expand your Massachusetts outdoor living space with a hardscaping project, there is very little maintenance required. Just a quick hose-down to clean off bricks, pavers, concrete and wood can help to keep everything looking and performing great. When you replace lawn area with hardscaping, you reduce the amount of water required for keeping grasses green and help the space to look great year-round, regardless of the weather.

Best Benefits of Hardscaping Construction
When you choose to expand your Massachusetts outdoor living space through residential landscape construction, you gain a lot of useful benefits. A great-looking property adds curb appeal to your home and can increase the value of your real estate investment. Hardscaping also adds value to prospective buyers who might be looking for a low-maintenance property. When applied properly, hardscaping construction in South Coast Massachusetts can even help to prevent erosion. This is especially important for homes that are on a hill – or at the bottom of a hill – to prevent soil, dirt and rocks from washing away after a heavy storm. Retaining wall construction can be used to keep everything in place to protect your home and your property.

Another benefit to residential hardscaping construction is to improve accessibility. Even stone pathways through a garden can be useful to assist in watering, care and enjoyment of the plant landscaping areas. Paved walkways can make it easier for guests to get to your home or enter your backyard for entertaining. Patio areas make a great place to host a party or place outdoor cooking equipment and dining areas. Outdoor lighting can be added to increase safety and enhance the appearance of the new outdoor living space after sunset.

Contact A-1 Landscaping & Tree Service
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