Dartmouth, Massachusetts: Seasonal Tree Services

Municipal Tree Trimming and LandscapingIt is important to find a local company that will provide you with tree services in South Coast Massachusetts. Local companies are important when it comes to things like landscaping, tree planting and pruning, because the requirements of plants in this region are much different than what you will find in other parts of the country. Seasonal tree services in Massachusetts require knowledge and experience to properly care for local trees and know what they need, not just to survive, but to thrive.

Municipal clients, such as cities, towns, boroughs and townships, should consider hiring a professional team to provide them with springtime tree trimming services that will give local trees a good start for the season. A-1 Landscaping & Tree Service offers a wide range of options to residential and commercial clients, as well as municipal tree trimming services. It is important to hire a company that has experience providing the exact type of services that you require.

Start With an Inspection
After the snow and ice have melted away, it is important to start off with an inspection. Hiring a professional team for tree planting and pruning that has experience performing inspections for damage, insect infestations, rot and other common tree issues, will help you to get ahead of any problems before they become liabilities. Ensuring that any damaged trees are properly trimmed and pruned by municipal tree trimming services, will help to make sure that no visitors to town property are injured by falling branches or rotting trees.

All trees and shrubs should be inspected by seasonal tree services in Massachusetts to check for flood damage, ice damage, wind damage, insect problems, fungus or disease. Make sure that any trees that appear to have damage are properly assessed, trimmed or removed, as required. When you hire landscaping or tree services in South Coast Massachusetts, make sure that they are able to do all of this work by themselves without having to bring in a third party. An all-in-one service will help to reduce costs and expedite results.

Regular Pruning
Once all of the municipal tree trimming services for emergency situations or damaged trees and shrubs takes place, it’s time for the regular seasonal pruning to take place. Annual pruning helps trees to look their best and to be truly healthy in their new growth. In some situations, bracing or cabling might be required to reduce strain and allow weakened or young trees to thrive. Knowing when, how and where to prune specific species of trees is why you are hiring tree services in South Coast Massachusetts. Anyone can cut a branch or trim some leaves, but having the knowledge about what is required for healthy tree planting and pruning is what makes the effort a true success.

New Tree Planting
If your town, city or borough is thinking about adding new trees, make sure to contact professional seasonal tree services in Massachusetts. Certain trees will do better when the soil is at specific temperature ranges, making it very important to plant when the weather levels off for the season. A late seasonal frost could damage fragile root systems before they truly establish, causing trees to be lost and money to be wasted.

The right type of tree for the space that it will be planted in is also important. You don’t want a full sun tree planted in a shady spot where it will struggle to get enough light and you definitely don’t want a tree with a wide root system planted near structures that could be damaged when it is fully mature. Trees must also be planted at the right depth, with the right soil conditions and the proper amount of watering in order to reach their full potential.

Mulching & Fertilizing
Another important part of tree planting and pruning in the spring is to make sure that the trees have the proper nutrition they require to be successful. When you hire tree services in South Coast Massachusetts, make sure to ask about mulching and fertilizing. Mulch is an organic matter that many trees require below and on top of the soil surface. Above the soil, mulch works to prevent weed growth and, below the soil, mulch works to help conserve moisture.

Fertilization should occur each year before your shrubs and trees hit their peak growth cycle. Your local municipal tree trimming services can help you to provide the right type of fertilizer to provide nutrients and prevent damages caused by insects, disease and weather conditions. Don’t just guess and throw down a bag of mulch or fertilizer. Hire professional seasonal tree services in Massachusetts to get the job done right.

Trust A-1 Landscaping & Tree Services for Your Municipal Trees
If you are interested in learning more about our tree planting and pruning services or would like to get a quote for municipal tree trimming services, inspections and landscaping, give us a call at (774) 930-4043. Our team can help you with a wide variety of landscaping, hardscaping and tree services in South Coast Massachusetts that you can use to your advantage. Call today for a FREE consultation and estimate on your next municipal project or service.

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