Benefits of Hiring Snow Removal Company in Dartmouth for HOAs

Professional Snow Removal ServicesSometimes it seems like everyone else is out enjoying the snow, while you are stuck with all of the shoveling, scraping and ice removal that comes with this time of year. This is especially true if you manage or live in a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), when it can become difficult to know who is responsible for what. Concerns about safety for people driving on the roads and for slip-and-fall accidents from residents and visitors walking on icy sidewalks, require HOAs to do something about the frosty weather conditions. The best way to stay on top of winter weather is to develop a snow and ice removal plan and count on your local Dartmouth snow removal services to take care of it for you.

Why Hire a Pro?
Even if you have a decent sized maintenance crew, chances are you won’t have the equipment or the man power to stay on top of a strong winter storm. Property managers know all too well how important it is to work with a Massachusetts snow removal company that is reliable, effective and proactive in their duties. You want to know that any snow removal company in Dartmouth that you work with will be mobilizing their fleet to come out to your property to remove the accumulated snow from the streets, driveways and parking lots, and that they will take care of salting and shoveling as well in front of community buildings and offices as needed.

Maintenance staff work a specific set of hours and unless you want to start paying overtime for them to come in on evenings, weekends and holidays, your best bet is to hire a snow removal company that will take care of it for you at a set rate. Not only will this give you peace of mind that your snow and ice problem is being taken care of, but it will also help you to stay on budget and not have to worry about extra costs coming up when you least expect it. Knowing what you will do before the first snow storm even hits the Dartmouth area, the better position you will be in to put a plan into action and provide the services your residents need to stay safe.

Who is Responsible?
This is a question that HOA managers ask a lot. The first thing you need to do is to check into any state, county or local laws that might require you to do something more than you think you are required to do with regard to Dartmouth snow removal. Depending on the rules of your association, snow removal in Dartmouth and other winter safety services may already be provided for within the HOA rules and annual dues. In other areas, snow removal from the streets may be provided by the city, but the HOA decides to do it anyway because they want to make sure it gets done in a timely manner.

Other ice salting and snow removal in Dartmouth may get taken care of by the association or by the individual homeowners themselves, depending on where it is located. For example, the individuals may be responsible for shoveling and icing the walk in front of their homes, as well as keeping their own driveways and access to the main road clear. Other HOAs may decide to include this as part of the provided services, taking care of the snow removal and salting through a professional snow removal company in Dartmouth. HOAs are responsible for protecting residents from slip-and-fall type accidents on sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking areas, so in many cases it is just easier to take care of the entire snow removal process as well.

Another benefit to HOAs taking charge of Dartmouth snow removal is that they are in control of what snow removal company in Dartmouth comes out to do the work. Choosing a reputable company that specializes in commercial property maintenance and parking lot services can help to protect asphalt, concrete and other surfaces from damage caused by other services and even individual homeowners who might be too rough. Snow removal in Dartmouth is also another nice service and benefit that can be promoted to potential buyers for joining the association.

Call A1 Landscaping for Snow Removal in Dartmouth
If you are considering hiring a snow removal company in Dartmouth to take care of Dartmouth snow removal, salting, shoveling and other winter related services, contact A1 Landscaping. In addition to providing top quality property maintenance services, our team is highly trained and qualified to help with area Massachusetts snow removal, including plowing, shoveling, salt applications and ice removal. Reduce your risk exposure and liability this winter, contact A1 Landscaping at 774-930-4043 and get a FREE estimate on our snow removal services today.

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