Advantages of Year-Round Commercial Landscaping in Dartmouth

Commercial Landscaping ServicesDo you own or manage commercial property in the Southeastern Massachusetts area? Does your property have any landscaping and lawn maintenance requirements that are not being met? There are many advantages to outsourcing your commercial landscaping in Massachusetts to a professional service, such as A1 Landscaping & Tree Service. Not only will you get better results, but you could also save a lot of time and money just by not doing it in-house.

Why Does In-House Landscaping Cost More?
If you think about it, there are a lot of additional costs associated with having your maintenance crew or porters take care of all the lawn care, tree planting and pruning in-house that you wouldn’t have if you hired professional Dartmouth landscaping services instead. When you do things in-house you think you are saving money because you don’t see the big picture of all the expenses that are involved in having your existing employees and crew take care of this work.

Some of the expenses associated with in-house landscaping services include:

  • employee salaries, benefits and insurance
  • cost for tools and equipment required to perform landscaping and lawn maintenance
  • cost for tools and equipment required to perform tree planting and pruning
  • materials for landscaping, including grass seed, mulch, fertilizer and insect control
  • vehicles to haul away green trash or services hired to pick it up
  • time spent by employees doing landscape work when they are need for work orders and property clean-up
  • any costs for training or certification, required by local and state governments

Services Available for Commercial Landscaping
When you hire Dartmouth landscaping services for your commercial property, you may just hire them for landscaping and lawn maintenance, but you can also add-on other types of professional services as you need them. By working with commercial landscaping in Massachusetts, you have quick and experienced access to the services you need completed in order to keep your property safe and looking its best.

Some of the services that A1 Landscaping & Tree Service can provide include:

  • Lawn Maintenance – Year-round services for maintaining your lawn that includes seeding, sod installation, patching, trimming, edging and fertilizing. During the growth season, lawn maintenance is required weekly. Less attention is required during the winter months, however clean-up and other services can be provided.
  • Hardscaping Design – These services can help you to create outdoor living spaces that you, your employees and visitors to your property can enjoy, such as walkways, pathways, retaining walls, barbecue areas, patios and community areas. Water features, landscaping elements, built-in furniture, fire pits, fireplaces and other popular extras can also be added to create a complete outdoor living area.
  • Tree Services – This can include seasonal services for tree planting and pruning, watering and fertilization, as well as trimming, removal, transplanting and other essential services. Emergency tree services are also available after storms, accidents or other situations.
  • Winter Maintenance – Snow shoveling, snow removal, salting and other services are available for commercial property owners to help keep properties safe and open during even the harshest New England weather.

Improving Curb Appeal
The number one reason for hiring Dartmouth landscaping services to provide commercial landscaping in Massachusetts at retail stores, office buildings, industrial complexes, municipalities, educational institutions and other non-residential properties is to improve curb appeal. Make sure your property looks it’s very best all year-round with professional landscaping and lawn maintenance services. Care for your trees in the spring and fall seasons with tree planting and pruning. Plant colorful flower beds to enhance your property in the spring and summer through the services of A1 Landscaping & Tree Service.

Your property will look more professional and will attract more customers and clients if you keep it looking its very best. Lawns should be trimmed, leaves should be raked, trash should be picked-up, trees should be maintained, gardens should be raked and mulched, parking lots should be clean and in good condition, community areas should be well-designed and have room for everyone – there is a lot of work to be done. Don’t waste time having your in-house staff provide your commercial landscaping in Massachusetts. Call A1 Landscaping & Tree Service at 774-930-4043 to get a FREE estimate on any of our professional Dartmouth landscaping services for commercial and residential clients.

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